What Can Lead to Depression: How Main Causes Are Linked to Depression

Whether or not you are suffering from depression, understanding what can lead to depression is important. If you are a healthy person, then you can be more careful with these causes and if you are suffering from depression, you may forget or even don’t exactly know what caused you depressed. This is because, indeed, depression is a very complex disease. Some sufferers may be depressed during serious health problem and some other may be depressed because of a change in their life.

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What Causes Depression

There are several main causes that may increase the risk of depression.

  • Past emotional, sexual, or physical abuse may lead to depression later.
  • There are several drugs, such as Accutane, antiviral drug and corticosteroids may increase the chance of depression.
  • Disputes or conflicts with friends or family members may result depression.
  • Grief or sadness may also increase the risk of depression.
  • One born from family with history of depression has higher risk of depression. It is believed that depression is inherited across generations, although psychiatric disorders genetics are not straightforward.
  • Major events. It is undeniable that bad events such as losing a job, moving to certain place, retiring, losing someone, getting divorced, etc. are some of the depression causes. On the other hand, good events such as graduating, starting a new job, getting married can also cause depression.
  • Personal problems. If you ask “what is the first sign of depression?” preference of being alone because of social isolation may be one of the possible answers.
  • Serious illness. Some cases of depression are caused by major illness.

From those points of what can lead to depression, there are three most important aspects to consider, i.e. genetics, drugs and chronic illness.

How Genetics Lead to Depression

Indeed, depression can happen in family. This means that there is a genetic that is linked to depression. Parents, children or siblings of those who suffer from severe depression have higher risk of depression. It is also believed that some genes may also contribute to certain types of depression. In conclusion, there are multiple depression genes that each of them leads to small effects to depression.

How Drugs Cause Depression

There are various drugs that are predicted as the cause of depression. Some medications, especially when taken by older people, such as benzodiazepines, barbiturates and Accutane are sometimes associated with certain type of depression. Some other medications, such as opioids (codeine, morphine), corticosteroids and anticholinergics are also linked to bipolar disorder.

How Chronic Illness Is Linked to Depression

Illness falls into chronic category if it last for a very long period of time and commonly it can’t be totally cured. Some chronic illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and so on are associated with depression. The sufferers may be frustrated with their health problems and this is what can lead to depression. This is one of the most common reasons people get depressed because, in fact, some depression cases are linked to this cause.

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