What Are the Best Long Term Anti Anxiety Medications?

All anxiety sufferers can choose short or long term anti anxiety medications. Short term medications can be effective for the crucial condition. But sure it has some serious side effects. Another side is for the long term condition where it gives the sufferer long time to be fully effective. But, it has lower side effects. Popular anxiety medications can be considered as short and long term condition. The question is what are the best long term anxiety medicines? Here are the best answers based on some reviews.


There are two options of the long term anti anxiety medications. They are medical and non-medical treatments. For medical treatments, it means you will take medicines or pills to relieve the symptoms of anxiety. Sure, anxiety pills side effects may come after you take it. For non-medical treatments it can be called as herb medications as it will use your body to move such as doing therapy and exercise. Health specialists will give you recommendation to take both medical and non-medical treatments to give more effective result and lower the risks or side effects.

Best anti anxiety drug for long term condition is considered for Buspirone. This medicine is used for the long term treatment. It is even considered as the best anti anxiety medications due its very low side effects can be consumed even by older people. That is based on the comparison with other medications. As long term anti anxiety medications, it must be consumed every day for several weeks to make it fully effective. It is not a medicine that will be only taken when you need it as it is a long term treatment. This should be well considered.

Buspirone, where the medicine is made by Buspar brand has no unwanted side effects for long time. It is also called as mild anti anxiety medication. Most people even don’t feel any serious side effects that disturb their days or activates. Besides that, after consuming this medicine, the potential symptoms that will come in the future are also relatively small. That is why Buspirone is said as the best long term anti anxiety medications. However, it doesn’t mean this medicine has no side effects. There are some common side effects like diarrhea, upset stomach, dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, constipation, drowsiness and headaches.

That is for the long term anti anxiety medications using medical treatment. There are also other non-medical treatments. They include therapy, healthy life style and diet. Therapy that is most effective to the anxiety even it is better than drugs is cognitive-behavioral therapy. This therapy is considered as the best option to partner with medication or for the long term treatment. You can go asking a therapist for the long term treatments of anxiety. There may be some steps you need to do during the treatment.

Lifestyle is also one of the long term anti anxiety medications. Life style includes regular exercise, healthy diet and adequate sleep. You are better to change your lifestyle to be healthier with doing regular exercise, diet and enough time to sleep or rest. Avoiding alcohol, cigarette, caffeine and others that are not good for your health it also a must.

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