Various Medical Conditions Causing Depression

It is true that there are medical conditions causing depression. Basically the so called medical conditions are chronic illnesses in various types. Such illness that is chronic usually lasts for a long time that even cannot be cured completely regardless of many treatments and drugs being used to deal with it. Yet the so called medical conditions or chronic illness which could lead to psychological depression problem has its possibility to be controlled a bit through diet, exercise, and the use of certain drugs. Some examples of the chronic illness that could create depression are diabetes, lupus, arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease, and also multiple sclerosis.

The things about medical conditions causing depression are that there are several demands of it. The one having the condition will have to adjust to the conditions required by the medical condition itself. It often affects many things of the person itself such as mobility and also independence in doing things. At the end it will affect the life of the one with the disease itself. Such despair and also sadness will eventually be formed there that could be the basic of having severe depression problem. In short, someone with certain disease that cannot be cured will feel that it will be no use for him or her to stay alive which is a sign of depression.

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There is even a kind of depression rate related to the medical conditions causing depression. It is quite high though in term of certain diseases that will lead to a kind of depression. The diseases and rate are heart attack (40-65%), diabetes (25%), cancer (25%), stroke (10-27%), coronary artery disease (18-20%), Parkinson’s disease (40%), and also multiple sclerosis (40%). Now you can see that having certain diseases will be able to lead to a depression that may just be severe.

Regarding the symptoms of the medical conditions causing depression there are actually certain things that you can pay attention to. One common thing that often happens is that the friends and family members of the one with the disease are just overlooking the symptoms. This is caused by the thought that depression is a normal matter when someone is having a terrible disease.

That particular thing could actually bring the depression into a more terrible state. Thus it is highly recommended that proper cares and treatments are done right away so that there will be no more terrible effects of depression in a person who has already suffer from a disease. In purpose of dealing with a psychological depression in someone with chronic disease it is recommended to pay attention to the treatments needed regarding the disease itself.

Making sure that the person is treated well and properly is also important. Giving additional support is also a must especially if you are a friend of a family member of the one with the disease itself. At least there will be a possibility to reduce the effects of medical conditions causing depression when the proper ways to deal with them are known and clearly understood.

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