Unique Physiological Causes of Stress We Should Know to Prevent Stress

There are so many physiological causes of stress that will make us feel worse and cause negative stress. For most parents, the main thing that causes stress is their children who don’t want to stop screaming. For some businessmen, their stress is caused by their boss who can’t stay calm because of something wrong on their business. For some other people, owing thousand dollars is the main cause of their stress. There is always reason to be stressed nowadays. We must know the physical signs of stress so we can reduce the stress and be happier.

Actually, stress is a part of our life. Even though stress that’s caused by physiological causes of stress bring negative effects, sometimes stress will bring some positive effects too. For example, stress will motivate us to get promotion at our work. Stress will also help the runners to reach the finish. As long as we can handle our stress, it will not destroy us. Unfortunately many people don’t see the stress signs and symptoms that finally cause negative effects to their body and life.

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Physiological Causes of Stress Everyone Must Know

Since each person has different status, their stress triggers may be different from the others’ stress triggers. According to many surveys most people became stress because of their job. Forty percents of workers in United States said that the main physiological causes of stress are their job. How do you know if you’re being stressed because of your job? Being unhappy when doing your job is the very first sign that you’re being stressed.

Too many responsibilities on your office and having heavy workload are the second thing that can cause work stress. Even working for long hours will cause stress. Prevent work stress by getting enough rests so you can avoid the physiological causes of stress to attack you and cause chronic work stress that will harm your health and happiness. Also, you must avoid having a poor management or unclear expectations since these are the other causes of work stress.

Job and working are not the only physiological causes of stress. Being left by someone we love the most is another thing that will cause stress. Divorce, losing a job, even married is able to cause stress. Some other people experience stress when they move to their new home, when they get chronic injury or illness, when they must take care of sick family or elderly.

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