Understanding Serious Signs of Depression to Prevent Complications

There are several types of depression, from the least to the most serious. However, the signs and symptoms of depression seem to be common and there is no difference among the depression types, unless one tends to have some serious depression problems. There are some serious signs of depression, indeed. They are important to see to prevent several depression complications.

Warning Signs of Depression

There are two categories of serious signs of depression, i.e. untreated depression and depression & suicide. Here are some more explanations about both serious depression.

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Untreated Depression

Untreated depression is a critical problem because it may increase the chance of some bad behaviors such as alcohol or drugs. It also can lead to some relationship problems, work problems and make some serious health problems difficult to cure. This means that depression may render the sufferers disabled in doing their work, playing a role as family member and positioning themselves in society. Thus, it is also commonly linked to disability. Untreated depression may also affect family. Indeed, it is very difficult to live with a depressed person. However, this does not mean that we can’t help our family or friends with depression.

In addition, untreated depression also affects physical health. There is a recent finding showing that people suffering from major depression and recovering from some health problems such as heart attacks, strokes, etc. have more difficult time in selecting the health care choices. This also means that depression may decelerate someone with signs of deep depression gets recovery from their illnesses.

People with clinical depression have more chance in alcohol and drug abuse. When the depression and this bad behavior are kept untreated, they may lead the sufferers to suicide. There are some signs of alcohol and drug abuse, including inability in maintaining relationships, using alcohol or drug secretively, self-pity, losing memory, unwillingness in talking about alcohol or drugs, and tremors. These signs require very special treatment to get rid of them.

Depression & Suicide

Suicide seems to be a common issue for those who suffer from major depression. Suicide is the worst outcome but it is also very real among those with depression because depression is the most leading factor to suicide. Indeed, most people with clinical depression do not attempt suicide, but people who die from suicide (over 90%) have depression or mental disorders. The data also show 40% of the whole suicide victims are those who are over 60 years old. The numbers of men victims are noted twice as the numbers of women victims.

The following are warning signs of suicides.

  • Always thinking and talking about death
  • Some serious signs of depression especially the clinical one, such as deep sadness, eating and sleeping problems and loss of interest and they get worse and worse.
  • Wishing of death
  • Delivering some comments showing worthless, helpless, hopeless
  • Always saying “I want out”
  • Having sudden switch from being extremely sad to being extremely calm
  • Always talking about killing themselves or someone else
  • Calling or visiting others and say goodbye

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