Treating Mild Depression to Treating Severe Depression

After you are diagnosed with depression, you should immediately take a treatment. Basically, there are two different types of treatment, i.e. medication and therapy. Each type has several branches and they can be combined for certain depression based on the professional recommendation and your preference. Thus, the way you treat yourself and the way the other sufferers from depression may be different. The following are some examples of treating clinical depression, including treatments for mild to severe depression.

We group the treatments into three categories. They are treating mild depression, treating moderate depression and treating severe depression.

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Treating Mild Depression

For the mild depression, we offer three kinds of treatments, i.e. watchful waiting, exercise and self-help groups.

  • Watchful waiting. After being diagnosed with mild depression, you should not worry too much because you can normally and automatically improve your depression. You can get better by doing nothing. However, this does not mean that you can underestimate this type of depression. You should check your GP after two weeks. Monitoring the progress is important and highly recommended.
  • For better treatment, you may support the improvement by doing exercise. Moreover, GP usually refers to fitness trainer for certain exercise scheme. Just grab some information about exercise for depression and practice it.
  • Self-help groups. When you suffer from mild depression, you may require someone to talk to. By talking through your feelings, you may feel relieved. This is also very helpful. You may also ask GP to find you self-help group. You may also need self-help books and online CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

Treating Moderate Depression

We suggest talking therapy for the moderate depression.

  • Talking therapy. This therapy is a type of psychotherapy. It is good to treat mild depression that is not improving and to treat moderate depression. There are two kinds of talking therapy, i.e. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and counseling. You can ask your GP to recommend you to take which one of them or you can also decide by yourself.

Severe Depression Treatment

To get rid of severe depression is not as easy as getting well from mild and moderate depressions. Treating severe depression is more complicated. We offer you three options, i.e. antidepressants, combination therapy and mental health teams.

  • One can take antidepressants, curing tablets, to improve their depression, especially the moderate and severe types. This is included as medication. There are approx 30 kinds of antidepressants. You should not take them randomly. Your doctor will prescribe the appropriate one for you.
  • Combination therapy. If you think about treating severe depression without medication, you can take a therapy. However, if you have quite severe depression, your GP may suggest you to take both medication and therapy so that it is called combination therapy. The most commonly practiced is the combination of CBT and an antidepressant.

Mental health teams. For more intensive treatment, you may also refer to mental health team consisting of psychologists, psychiatrists, specialist nurses and specialist therapists. If you want to find treating severe depression without drugs, you should have further consultation or discussion with the team. Finding out the way of Treating Severe Depression helps you get rid of it soon.

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