The Physiological Impact of Stress on People’s Body

Stress is normal to be experienced by all people. Stress has positive effects to make people aware and understand critical and emergency situation that they face and how they should react. But not few of stress cases become severe and dangerous. There are more people suffered from acute stress because they did not understand how to handle stressful feeling that they have. The impact of stress occur not only in emotional but also in physiological. Physiological Impact of Stress can be more visible rather than emotional because not only people who suffered from stress that could feel it but also people who often meet and know you well enough.

Physiological Impact of Stress is more biological and physical. Several physical changes that are extreme and more frequent to occur become the sign of stress. Stress is affecting your physical function because your body is not functioning like it used to. So, if you think that you feel stress and your physical power is decreasing, you should check to the doctor whether your stress is acute or not.

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Physiological symptoms of stress vary from one people to another. But, the physiological changing on your body is extreme and it lasts for longer weeks. The normal symptoms of stress only last for days or hours but if it is about weeks and month you need to consider getting the right treatment from your doctor. The emotional side of you is also affected by the stress with mood swing or other emotional problem that fluctuates and constantly changes.

Physical effects of stress can be seen from changing weight. It can be weight loss or weight gain with more than 5%in a week. This is resulting from the changing of your lifestyle that also changes your appetite to consume food. The next change can be seen from your part of body that often feels pain and aches without any reason. You will also feel that your mouth is dry and hard to swallow something if you feel the physiological effect of stress in your body.

If you did not know how the handle you stress, it could lead you to serious stress illness. Stress illness symptoms are affected from severe stress that is not handled properly. That is why it is important to see your doctor before you decide to take any medication. Stress illness such as bipolar, ADHD, and schizophrenia occurs due to severe stress that is not handled.

So, when you know the Physiological Impact of Stress you will be more aware and notice the changing in your body. You will know how to treat yourself if you suffer from stress. If you did not know that you are suffering from stress it will make your stress become severe and acute and it will cause serious illness to your body. It is good for you to understand the symptoms and try to heal it by yourself by realizing the problem and know how to stop feel worry about the problem and try to solve the problem to make the stress disappear.

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