Teenage Depression Treatment: Medication and Therapy

Teenage depression treatment can be done through medication and therapy. But, most health specialists will recommend doing both of them. The combination of both of them can give a more effective result. The treatment either medication or therapy depend on the severity and type of the symptoms that your teenager experience. If he or she has severe depression, then staying in the hospital may be needed to get immediate help. Here is the further explanation about clinical depression in teenagers either by medication or therapy.

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Medication Treatment

FDA or Food and Drug Administration have mentioned two types of medications that are used as teenage depression treatment. They are escitalopram (Lexapro) and fluoxetine (Prozac). To take the right drugs, then it is recommended to talk with a doctor to know further about the medication as well as the side effects including both benefits and risks. It is because different type or severity of the symptoms of the depression in your teenager may have different clinical depression medication to take. So it can work more effectively as your teenager take the right medication.

Alert of Medication

Depression among teenagers, kids or adults should be rightly treated. If you consider medication, you need to know FDA alert. Well, teenage depression treatment by antidepressant drugs may be safe. But it needs to be understood especially for the side effects. That is because in some cases, adults, teens, kids or those under 25 will have suicidal thoughts or behavior that are increasing when they are taking antidepressants. This will occur when they are in the first weeks after they start taking the medications or when they take different dose.

For those who choose teenage depression treatment by medications, they should be closely watched to know the progress. The depression may become worse or unusual behavior occurs especially in the beginning of taking the medications or when the dosage is changed. Teenager may also have suicidal thoughts when they are taking the medication or antidepressant. If these all occur, then immediately call your doctor so you can get the emergency help. So, make sure you know the risks or side effects of the medications.


Besides taking medication, teenage depression treatment can be performed through therapy. Psychotherapy is the most common option to treat depression. It is also called as talk therapy or physiological counseling. The therapist will guide the patient to talk about the depression as well as other related issues. This can be an effective way to reduce the symptoms of the depression and make your teenagers have a better health especially about their mental or moods.

The combination of both therapy and medication for teenage depression treatment can work even more effectively. In certain period of time, if medications have not yet shown any good progress, then continue with therapy. In weeks or months your teenager can reduce the depression symptoms even they will be in the normal conditions. Indeed, it needs patience as here the therapist and your teenager will build up a mental health to be positive.

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