Signs of Acute Depression You Should Be Aware Of

Depression is one of the health problems that often occur in this modern society. Depression can occur if there are factors that trigger the depression such as stressful works or pressure in study or work. If you think that you suffer from depression, you need to identify whether your depression is severe one or not. If you want to know whether you depression is the acute one or not you need to understand the Signs of Acute Depression. There are several points that will help you identify the characteristics of acute depression.

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Before you see a doctor, you could check yourself by doing signs of depression test. You need to check what kind of signs that occur in yourself. This is the easiest way to check whether you are suffering from manic depression or not. The first Signs of Acute Depression is feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. In this phase you will feel that nothing can help you to escape from that feeling. You cannot get better and no one can help you. The next sign is loss of interest in your daily activities. You will notice these signs if you have no interest in doing activities that you did before such as doing hobbies, sex or other social activities. In this phase you will have no feeling to feel joy and pleasure.

The next phase of physical symptoms of depression is losing appetite or weight changes. This kind of changes in weigh is very significant whether it is weight loss or weight gain. The percentage of the change in your body will be around 5% or more. The next signs of acute depression are sleep changes. One of the types of sleep changes symptoms is insomnia or oversleeping or hypersomnia.

Another signs of anxiety including anger or irritability, loss of energy, Self-loathing, and reckless behavior. These symptoms related to your emotional and physical changes. You will suffer from extreme different mood changing. You will be easily feel agitated, restless, violent, fatigued, sluggish, guilt and worthlessness. You will blame yourself for faults and mistakes that you did in your life.

The next signs that are shown by people who suffered from acute depression are reckless behavior that is shown by substance abuse, compulsive gambling, reckless driving or dangerous sports. Another signs such as concentration problems and unexplained aches and pain become the last two signs of acute depression illness. You may feel headaches, back pain, aching muscles. Your performance in working will be decreasing due to trouble on focusing and remembering things.

So, if you think that you often feel what the Signs of Acute Depression in your body, you need to be aware and check to your doctor as soon as possible. You need to be worried if the symptoms lasted at least for about two weeks and more. Get the right treatment right away after you notice these changes by changing your lifestyle or try to analyze the problems that caused the acute depression disorder. Knowing the signs and symptoms helps you get the right treatment.

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