Several Effective and Special Steps in Reduction of Stress

Stress must be managed and even reduced so that it won’t destroy our life. There are so many ways we can do to reduce our stress. Before we consider the medical help for reduction of stress, it is better to reduce our stress by ourselves. First method we can use to managing stress is meditation. You need to meditate just few minutes per day. This short meditation will help you ease your anxiety. Daily and routine meditation will help you relax your brain and reduce stress.

It is very easy to meditate. Just sit up and make sure your feet touch the floor and your body is straight. Now close both of your eyes. Think about positive things like your happiest memory or your beloved people. Take very deep breaths. This is the simplest reduction of stress method you can do at home. If you can’t meditate when you’re working or staying in a crowded place, you can try the second method of reducing stress: breathe deeply.

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How to Combat Stress without Consuming Drugs or Seeing Doctor

When you work and you feel bored or you need to take a break, focus on breathing deeply. Breathing deeply is a very effective method of reduction of stress. Inhale the oxygen through the nose and then exhale the carbon dioxide through your mouth. Repeat this for five minutes while you’re sitting up straight and closing your eyes. Breathing deeply will help you lowering your blood pressure and slowing your heart rate. This helps you reduce stress to get comfortable feeling.

God gave you five senses. Using your senses will help you being successful in reduction of stress. Focus on using your senses and you will feel more relax. For example, feel the air on your skin, feel the ground under your feet, and feel your favorite foods in your mouth. Concentrate and focus on using your senses and you will feel more comfortable. Besides, this will help you reducing the tense that cause stress.

The other best solution in reduction of stress is making friends. Being alone will increase your stress. Get out and meet the others. Talk to your best friends on your phone or meet them and talk to them face to face. Talking to friends will make you feel happier and this will reduce your stress. Laughing is another way to reduce your stress. Read comic, watch comedy, or chatting with friends who can make you smile is very helpful to reduce your stress.

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