Several Different Symptoms That Are Included in Brain Stress Symptoms

Stress can give us positive effect and negative effects. If we can manage our stress, it will give us positive effects that help us do many things. But if we don’t manage our stress, we’ll get many negative effects on many aspects of our life like our relationships, mood, and health. To manage our stress, we must first understand what stress is. In your own opinion, what is stress? Read the definition of stress and brain stress symptoms below.

Actually, stress is the way our body responding any threat and demand. For example, when we feel threatened, our body’s nervous system will respond by releasing the stress hormones that are including the cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones will rouse our body for an emergency action. As the results, our heart will beat faster, our muscles will tighten, our blood pressure will rise, our breath will quicken, and our senses will be sharper. Also, our stamina and strength will be increased and our focus will be enhanced. These are the brain stress symptoms.

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The Cause of Stress and Overload Stress’s Symptoms and Signs

Stress may be triggered by many different things. But usually, the brain stress symptoms are same. First symptom of brain stress is the cognitive symptoms. That are including in these cognitive symptoms are memory problems like you always forget where you place something or what you’re going to do, inability to focus and concentrate on something, poor judgment, seeing negative things only, constant worrying you cannot handle, and anxious thoughts. Also, there are some emotional symptoms besides the cognitive symptoms.

Emotional symptoms are including the moodiness, short temper or irritability, agitation, overwhelming feeling, sense of isolation and loneliness, general unhappiness or depression. If you feel these feelings in your heart and you can handle these feelings, you may be having stress. Besides the emotional brain stress symptoms, there are some physical symptoms that ensure you you’re having stressed.

The physical brain stress symptoms are including pains and aces, constipation or diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, and also frequent colds. Some behavioral symptoms like eating less or more, sleeping too little or too much, isolating yourself, neglecting or procrastinating responsibilities, trying to relax yourself through drugs or cigarettes or alcohol, and some nervous habits like pacing and nail biting, show you that your stress is getting worse. You need to see a doctor to get medical help for your stress.

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