Schizophrenia Depression Signs and Symptoms

Schizophrenia depression is actually a brain disorder. Then it affects the sufferer’s behave, thinks and how the sufferer sees the world. Schizophrenia sufferer also has different perception of the reality. For example, they may hear or see things that for normal people it doesn’t exist. They who have mental illness schizophrenia also speak in a confusing or strange way that normal people don’t understand. They also believe that other people want to harm them. This condition makes them difficult to have an interaction or people who want to interact with them will find difficulty.

Schizophrenia depression is considered as a chronic disorder. However there is a help. Support, therapy, and medication the schizophrenia sufferers can find their normal life back. Sure, any treatment for this disorder should be treated by professional. Medication and treatment can be a perfect combination to get most effective result. It is because schizophrenia can be managed successfully. Before you go further about schizophrenic depression signs and symptoms of schizophrenia, it is good to know about myths and facts that many people don’t know to differentiate.

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Myth and Fact about Schizophrenia

First myth, you may hear that people with schizophrenia depression may have split personality or you can call it, multiple personalities. The fact is multiple personality disorder is different with schizophrenia. They who have schizophrenia don’t have multi or split personality. Second myth is schizophrenia disorder is a rare thing. The fact is, actually schizophrenia isn’t rare. The risk of having this disorder is about 1 in 100. So, it is not a rare condition. This should be well understood so you can know the signs and symptoms as well as the treatment.

Third myth about schizophrenia depression is that people who are suffering schizophrenia are dangerous. The fact is, delusion thoughts as well as hallucinations may lead the sufferer does a violent behavior. But most of the sufferers are not doing violent behavior or even dangerous to others. Fourth myth is schizophrenia sufferer cannot be treated. Long term treatment can help the sufferer. It is not hopeless as long as you do the right treatment either medication or therapy or even both of them.

Early Warning Signs

Following points are the early warning signs of schizophrenia depression. If you have one or some of them then you need to get the right treatment immediately. The signs are social withdrawal, suspiciousness or hostility, deterioration of a personal hygiene, flat or expressionless gaze, inability to express joy or cry, inappropriate crying or laughter, depression as well as insomnia or oversleeping, irrational or odd statements, forgetful or unable to concentrate, strange way of speaking, strange in using words and extreme reaction to the criticism.

Signs and Symptoms

There are many schizophrenia depression symptoms and signs that you need to know. Most of them are delusions (delusions of persecution, delusions of reference, delusions of grandeur, and delusions of control), hallucinations, disorganized speech, disorganized behavior and negative symptoms (it means an absence of the normal behaviors). If you have these signs or symptoms or the signs of schizophrenia depression as above, then you need to get the right treatment.

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