Recognize Major Depression Etiology to Prevent Your

Major depression can be experienced by many people from different educational background, cultural or social background, or different social status making the exact Major depression etiology is not yet discovered. It is same with stress issues. Stress issues can happen to all of people. They will follow or even stay in you with no doubts. All you can do is to deal with it so that the way you live a life would be different as if you have no problems dealing with stress. Coping major stress disorder is the best way of any therapy because it gives you the idea of struggles. Life is hard but we all have to struggle on.

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Depression is one of mental health disorders marked by the idea of sadness and anxiety. The disorder will be no more after a few days or it will stay longer that can affect daily activities. Major depression can be recognized through sleeping disorder, significant weight loss and weight gain, feeling guilty and also loss of energy. Major depression etiology can be caused by many things. Mostly the etiology of major depression is caused by five factors including biological factors, biogenic amines factors, neuroendocrine factors, and brain abnormality factors.

Factors Which Cause Major Depression

Major depression can affect daily activities of the patients if there is no immediate treatment. Major depression etiology can be divided into four factors. Those factors may include:

  1. Biological factors

Some researchers believe that major depression can be caused by genetics factors. However, genetics is not the only determinant factor which leads major depression. Environmental factors such as life experiences which give heavy pressure play important role just like genetics factors. Both genetics and environmental factors come with a contribution.

  1. Biogenic amines factors

Norepinephrine and serotonin are neurotransmitters which play important roles in depression disorder pathophysiology. A great amount of norepinephrine and serotonin must be higher to stabilize depression disorder so that the idea of ending life among patients can be reduced significantly.

  1. Neuroendocrine

It has been known that hormonal factors has association with the idea of mood disorder especially depression disorder. Neuroendocrine system manages essential hormones which play important roles in mood disorder which affect basic function such as sleeping and eating disorder, loss of sexual appetite, and inability in expressing happiness.

  1. Brain abnormality

Brain abnormality can be caused by taking some medicine which reduces neurotransmitter in the brain. Therefore, the number of neurotransmitter reduced significantly in the brain and it leads mood disorder. Patients need to take medicine which contains norepinephrine and serotonin to enhance the level of neurotransmitter in the brain. So, major depression can be prevented quickly.

Recognize major depression etiology and early major depression diagnosis is very essential to prevent you from any kind of depression disorder. It gives you at least info dealing with mental health disorder so that you can recognize yourself and your loved one in your circle to detect earlier. Feeling free to consult with a mental health professional or psychologist will help you a lot. It’s better to have a healthy lifestyle so you can get away from mental health disorder.

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