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We do sell Biotropin(Somatropin injection) which is a chain of191 amino acids. This HGH is the latest human growth hormone recombinant produced by Lifetech Labs. BiotropinFitness offers a concentration of 10 IU / vial, ideal for increasing physical performance and body improvement.

Growth hormone (Somatropin) Biotropin Fitness by Lifetech Labsis specifically dosed for a treatment to improve fitness or adapt to a sport lifestyle. In addition to anti-aging benefits, Biotropin Fitness accelerates the metabolism to burn body fat and increase muscle mass. The overall level of energy is elevated with recuperation after exercise is also improved. Biotropin Fitness HGH


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Biotropin- biotropin for sale is the newest HGH since 2010, in Hong Kong, China. LifeTech Labs are creative suppliers as they sell 3 different packages to the different user needs.

Of greater convenience and to prevent possible drug degradation, this 191 high purity amino acid HGH is shipped lyophilized of 1 month in an expected box. In reality, this way you have a bottle in the refrigerator which only passes from 2 to 3 days, according to their definition “1 vial= 3 days.”

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Smoother skin (first visible on the back of the hand and later on the body) Faster hair and nail growth.

Higher energy rates Quick energy recovery following physical activity.

Body fat loss Muscle growth.

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The amount of muscle acquired through the use of Biotropin ® depends on many factors including physical activity, biology, diet, age, quality and amount of sleep, lifestyle, and prior use of steroids or steroids

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