Possible Ill Effects of Stress Problem in the Body

If you are wondering whether or not ill effects of stress could be there in anyone who has a kind of stress, the answer is a big yes. Stress could actually be affected by many things and it could also produce many effects at the same time. Among the bad effects of having a kind of stress is that the person will get various illness of at least having malfunctions in some of the systems or organs inside the body. Well, these are some of the most common effects of having a problem of stress in relation to organs, systems, and health conditions.

One particular matter that will be included among the things to get the effects of stress is the so-called central nervous and endocrine systems or CNS. This particular system is the one to deal with the fight or flight response. It will instantly tell the rest of the body regarding the things to do in response to the things outside the body. So basically when you have a problem of stress or depression, the function of this system will not be that perfect and normal.

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At the end this matter will lead to various problems of anxiety, irritability, and also depression. Headaches and also insomnia could also be caused by the malfunction in this system inside your body. Moreover you may also find out that ill effects of stress also include the problems in respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Stress hormones will greatly affect the respiratory and also cardiovascular systems.

At the time of you having a stress or depression, you will breathe faster in purpose of distributing more oxygen and blood quicker to the body core. Just in case that you have asthma or emphysema, having a kind of stress will make it worse. You will find it harder to breather during the stress attack. The worst possibility of this combination of stress and asthma or emphysema is having a heart attack or stroke. The risk is higher to get those two attacks in this condition.

Furthermore even your muscular system is also among the things affected by stress that you may have. When you are under attack of stress, your muscles tense up in purpose of protecting themselves from certain forms of injury. You will be able to feel that your muscles release themselves again once you are able to be in a kind of relaxing state. Meanwhile when you have stress, the muscles could tense up for a longer time. This will create back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, and also body aches. Over time this could get worse by stop doing exercise so that you will tend to have a somewhat unhealthy cycle.

Moreover aside of those systems inside your body, effects of depression could also deal with your immune system, digestive system, and also reproductive system. Surely now you will get the ideas already that a problem of stress or depression is not a simple problem since the ill effects of stress could be there in various systems of the body.

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