Pathophysiology of Major Depression in People Brain

Pathophysiology is a combination discipline of pathology and physiology. Pathology is the medical discipline that defines conditions characteristically observed through a disease state and physiology is the biological discipline that explains developments or mechanisms functioning within an organism. Pathology defines the irregular or undesired situation. Pathophysiology explain the physiological developments or mechanisms whereby such condition changes and develop. So, Pathophysiology of Major Depression explains how someone could suffer from major depression.

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In general, people will understand that depression is the result of imbalance of chemical substance in brains. However many scientist found that this argument is too simple to explain about the causes of depression. Because when we talk about depression there are a lot of things related to be the causes of depression. Pathophysiology of Major Depression includes the complexity of the layer in your brain to cause the depression itself.

Pathophysiology of depression neurotransmitters includes the use numbers of chemical substance in your brain to deliver and communicated with the other parts of your body. It will be released and received by the brain’s nerve cells. This communication is very essential to make the function of the brains work properly and normally. From one nerve cells to another nerve cells is connected by synapses and the message delivered by synapses will be accepted in the receptor. If the receptor and the neurotransmitter is match, the receptor will be activated as opened.

When we talk about depression, it is related to problems or imbalance of the function of brain that is caused by neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. That is why the use of antidepressant medications is very effective to relief depression. The medication acts upon the neurotransmitters and their receptors. Therapeutic regimen for depression uses drugs or often called as tranquilizer to stabilize the neurotransmitter and other substance one the brain.

Pathophysiology of depression and mania is caused by imbalance neurotransmitter in your body. The neurotransmitter serotonin is intricate in regulating many vital physiological functions, including sleep, violence, eating, sexual performance, and attitude. Serotonin is formed by serotonergic neurons. Current research proposes that a reduction of the production of serotonin by these neurons can cause depression in some people, and more precisely, a mood condition that can cause people to feel suicidal. Another substance that is related to neurotransmitter works is dopamine. Dopamine becomes an important role in regulating our ambition to pursue rewards and gain a sense of pleasure.

Low dopamine levels explain why depressed people don’t develop the same sense of pleasure from activities or people that they ever did before becoming depressed. That is why people who have imbalance works of neurotransmitter and other chemical substance in their brain will suffer from depression. Pathophysiology of Major Depression will be the causes of all of the changing habit and characters that will be harmful for you. You will have personality that is dangerous and could damage yourself. Seeing psychiatrist and mental healing doctor will be the best way to cure the depression and to make the function of the brain becomes normal.

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