Most Common Anti Anxiety Medications to Pick

Common Anti anxiety medications can reduce the symptoms of anxiety. For anxiety sufferer, medications can be a temporal solution to slow down the symptoms or central nervous system. These medications have calming and relaxing effects. It makes drugs to treat anxiety become popular choice for those sufferers. Medications are even the most common temporal solutions for anxiety although they are not a cure. These drugs are prescribed as muscle relaxants or sleeping pills as they will make you feel relieved.

There are so many types of anti anxiety medication where it includes older and newer medications. There are also herbal supplements or medications that can be used to treat anxiety. However drugs are the common Anti anxiety medications. Among those drugs, there is the most common class that is used by many anxiety sufferers. They are called with Benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines include ativan (lorazepam), valium (diazepam), klonopin (clonazepam)and xanax (alprazolam).

Those common Anti anxiety medications can act quickly. It can bring relief to the sufferers within thirty minutes even to an hour. As these medicines are very quick, they are very effective to encounter the panic attack of anxiety symptoms or at the condition where it is very crucial such as overwhelming anxiety episode. But you cannot say those are the best anxiety meds as they still have side effects that you need to understand. These are the common side effects of Benzodiazepines that you need to know before taking the medicine.

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Side Effects Benzodiazepines

All common Anti anxiety medications including Benzodiazepines, work by reducing the symptoms of anxiety because it reduces the activity of brain. It will give a temporal relief. Besides that, it gives some common side effects like double vision or blurred, stomach upset (nausea), forgetfulness (memory loss), impaired thinking as well as judgment, lightheadedness (dizziness), depression, disorientation and confusion, slurred speech, slow reflexes (clumsiness)and lack of energy (drowsiness).

If you take higher dose of Benzodiazepines, then those side effects can become more pronounced. But, some patients who take this medicine even in the low doses, they feel foggy, sleepy and uncoordinated. Sure, this can give you a problem when you are working or studying at school. Furthermore if you are driving, it can be really dangerous. So, although you take the common Anti anxiety medications the side effects of the medications should not be just ignored as it can be really dangerous. Asking your doctor for further information is a good idea.

Therefore, any common Anti anxiety medications you take, it is recommended to take the medication based on the advice of a doctor furthermore if you are under other medical advices as many of the medications can interact with other medications. Partnering the medication with exercise or therapy is also a good idea to try. It is because therapy and exercise can reduce the level of the side effects that may come. By other words, they can lower the risk or side effects of consuming those medications. You can ask a therapist or physical health to do the right therapy or exercise that can reduce the risk or side effects of taking the medicine.

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