Mental Health Depression Symptoms for Different Types of Depression

There are a lot of people suffering from depression. Depression can occur in all genders and ages. Sometimes, there are more women diagnosed with depression than men. Depression may also occur in teens. There are some bad effects as the result of this mental illness. Even, the most direful effect is that depression can lead to suicide or some attempts of suicide. Then, the best way to fight against depression is by understanding it from knowing the mental health depression symptoms.

To understand what depression is, you need to be able to differentiate depression from feeling sad, down and unhappy. Anyone can feel unhappy after they can’t achieve things or they face the reality that is different from what they expect. This is a normal feeling and can come and go anytime. However, it becomes abnormal when it extends for longer than usual. You should be alert to this kind of bad feeling that last over than two weeks and make some other problems related to the jobs, relationships and so on. There are also some other mental health depression symptoms that you need to be aware of.

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Actually, there are several types of depression mental illness. You need to understand them to get the proper and the most effective treatment. The types include bipolar disorder, major depression, mild and recurrent depression or also known as dysthymia, and seasonal affective disorder. Bipolar disorder refers to the mood changes. For example, people suffering from bipolar disorder may have manic periods, inadequate sleep, be hyperactive and be impulsive. People with bipolar disorder may also have dramatic change from feeling depressed to directly feeling manic.

The next mental health depression symptoms for those who suffer from major depression are when they can’t experience enjoy and pleasure moments. Without treatment, major depression can last longer than six months. There is no mild depression symptoms test, but someone can be diagnosed with this type of depression when they can feel the changes of being normal and depressed. Different from major depression, this type of depression can last as long as two years. Then, when there is specific time that makes someone depressed, this is categorized as seasonal affective disorder. For example, people feel depressed only when the dark winter months come. Then, the last depression is called postpartum that only happens to women after given birth. With this depression, they can’t properly care for their infant.

In addition to those symptoms, there are several common signs of depression. Although there is no certain signs of depression test, one can be diagnosed with depression if they have some changes in concentrating, sleeping and eating. Besides, when someone is depressed, they may feel helplessness, hopeless, no more interest in doing what they love previously, reckless, and changes in appetite that can make them loss their weight.

After understanding those mental health depression symptoms, you need to seek some helps. First, you need to have your family and friends support you to get rid of your mental problem. In addition, you need also to go to doctor or professionals such as psychologist and psychiatrist. Tell what happens to you and let the professionals suggest you to have certain treatment, such as psychotherapy and other medications.

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