Mental Depression Causes: Biology, Genetics, Drugs, and Chronic Pain

You may understand that someone can suffer from depression but don’t understand why they can suffer from this mental illness. You may have some questions about how biology, genetics, and drugs are linked to depression. You may also have no answer about why chronic pain can also lead to depression. Indeed, there are some mental depression causes that you need to know. Understanding the causes, you should be more careful with your condition to avoid depression.

There are three main causes that are believed to lead to the starting signs of depression. They are genetic or heredity, traumatic or disorganized previous life, and current life situations. Traumatic commonly happened in the sufferers’ childhood life. There are some common life situations that lead to this mental disorder that may be personal, family, friend, occupational stresses, or medical illness. Loss of family, friend or someone that they love, loss of job, loss of parts of body caused by medical illness are what causes mental depression.

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How Biology Is Related to Depression

Based on some researches, scientists find but do not clearly know why hippocampus may be in smaller size in some people suffering from depression. They found that stress hormone cortisol is produced excessively in people with depression. Cortisol hormone shrinks the development of the hippocampus. Then, the theory tells that depressed people are born with small size of hippocampus. This is linked to higher risk of depression.

How Genetics Is Linked to Depression

It is undeniable that sometimes, depression runs in family. Thus, it is believed that there is a partial genetic that is linked to depression. Anyone with severe depression has higher risk of suffering from depression. Multiple genes may also be the cause of some types of depression. Then, it can be concluded that single depression gen can’t cause depression, but many genes can contribute several small effects that lead to depression when they have interaction outside the family.

How Drugs Cause Depression

In some people, especially older people, drugs may cause depression. For example, some medications such as benzodiazepines, barbiturates, etc. are sometimes linked to depression. Some other medications to get rid of stomach cramping such as corticosteroids, anticholinergics and opioids are associated with bipolar disorder. One with these mental depression causes may be confused of having the medications and being depressed or leaving them to avoid depressed. Go to professionals and they will give some alternatives for the better life.

How Chronic Illness Lead to Depression

The last common mental depression causes are some chronic illnesses. Chronic illnesses are some health problems or pains that last for a very long period of time and typically can’t be completely cured. They can be diabetes, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, lupus, and so on. They can lead to depressed feeling and although they can’t be removed, the depression can be reduced by having diet, lifestyle habit, exercise and medications. Finally, before asking for the health professionals about how to get help for depression, you need to understand exactly which of those causes that make you depressed so that the professionals can more easily suggest the right treatment.

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