Medication for Chronic Depression : Etiology, Signs and Treatment

Depression is a bad mood in which it lasts during at a particular period of time. Depression may be experienced by all of people which are vulnerable of getting depressed. They can be children, adolescent, and adults who are at risk of suffering from mental disorders. You can recognize some signs and symptoms of depression disorder including showing unnatural manner in social or the idea of ending life. Depressed people are very at risk because they can harm themselves and also people in their circle. Therefore, having medication for chronic depression is very important.

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What Is Chronic Depression?

Chronic depression (dysthymia) is a mood disorder which consists of the same cognitive and physical matters as in depression. It usually lasts at least two years. Dysthymia is a very serious depression which can lead serious consequences towards patients or the ones who are suffering from chronic depression. In brief, dysthymia is more dangerous than major depression.

What Is Chronic Depression Etiology?

There are some factors which cause chronic depression dysthymia. Experts or psychologists state that chronic depression etiology may come from genetics factor. Genetics factors and other family history play important roles in dysthymia. Besides, abnormality of brain may become one of the causes of chronic depression (dysthymia). The patients’ brains may lack of serotonin and norepinephrine. Major life stressor such as financial pressure and job demands may aggravate the people with depression.

What Are Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Depression?

There are some signs and sympoms of chronic depression (dysthymia) you need to know. Signs and symptoms of dysthymia include:

  1. Feeling sad almost every day
  2. Loss of interest in everything
  3. Loss of concentration when doing anything in everyday life
  4. Sleeping disorder including insomnia and hypersomnia
  5. Feeling fatigue or loss of energy every time doing some activities out there
  6. Bodily change such as significant weight loss or weight gain
  7. Eating disorder either overeating or lack of appetite
  8. Feeling hopeless, useless, and worthless
  9. Always talk or think about suicidal intention/tendency
  10. Trying to end life many times
  11. Showing unstable behavior and emotion
  12. Poor self-esteem or self-concept

What Is the Medication for Chronic Depression?

Medication of chronic depression is very important for patients who are suffering from depression. To get the best result of the diagnosis, experts or physicians test some examination. It will be useful for having the best medication of dysthymia. This article outline some medication for dysthymia includes:

Medicine is used to increase serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain so it can balance neurotransmitter. This medicine can calm the patients down so that their behavior can be controlled well. Antidepressants would be the best medication for chronic depression. It must be taken by the patients for six up to nine months. Do not forget to always see a physician to have control the progress and to know when patients stop taking the medicine. For your information, taking the medicine has always side effects.

It is the same with taking antidepressants. Therefore, patients need to consult with a physician to get antidepressants which suits you best in terms of the benefit with the least side effects. Having psychotherapy would be a good medication for chronic depression. Psychotherapy will help patients to promote appropriate coping skills to deal with some challenges in life so that patients’ self-esteem improved significantly. This therapy would be one of the best alternative medication for dysthymia.

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