Manic Depression Bipolar Signs, Symptoms and Treatments

Manic depression bipolar or called with manic depression or just with bipolar disorder causes very serious shifts in energy, mood, behavior and thinking. So, it is more than a fleeting mood either good or bad. The cycles of manic depressive disorder can be in days, weeks even in months. This is more than just a mood swings. In normal condition, mood swing may not be so problematic just like in bipolar disorder where the moods changes are so intense. As the result, the sufferers may do something they don’t know why after they ‘wake up’.

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Cause of Bipolar Disorder

The main causes of manic depression bipolar are not yet understood completely. But in often times, it comes as hereditary. The first bipolar disorder signs occur usually in teenage years or just early adulthood. Unfortunately, people with disorder sometimes are not diagnosed rightly. So, they have unnecessary suffering where actually it can be treated properly so they can live normally to reach their happiness as other people can. Here, you may need the signs and symptoms of mania as well as bipolar disorder including the right treatment.

Signs of Manic Depression

There are some common signs and symptoms of manic. They are feeling unusually “high” as well as optimistic or it is like extremely irritable, unrealistic, sleeping very little, talking so rapidly, racing thoughts (jumping ideas quickly), highly distractible (difficult to concentrate), impaired judgment as well as impulsiveness, delusions including hallucinations (for sever condition) and acting recklessly. Those are some common signs and symptoms of manic depression bipolar that you need to know. If you feel or see one with those signs then you or they may be in this disorder.

Symptoms of Bipolar Depression

Here is the list of the symptoms of manic depression bipolar. If you have the following symptoms, then you need to be treated properly. The symptoms are feeling sad (including hopeless, empty), irritability, inability to experience a pleasure, fatigue (loss of energy), physical as well as mental sluggishness, weight changes or appetite, sleep problems including problems with memory and concentration, feelings of guilt or worthlessness and thoughts of suicide or death.

Treatment for Bipolar Depression

Bipolar disorder treatment is considered as long term treatment. It is because this disorder is a relapsing and chronic illness, it needs to be treated properly. Continue treatment of manic depression bipolar even when the condition of the sufferer is good, it is also recommended to do. Medications and therapy are the best combination for treating this bipolar depression to prevent the future episode and free with the symptoms. It is because medication cannot work effectively without partnering with therapy, social support and lifestyle changes.

Therefore, to treat manic depression bipolar, it is recommended to ask a professional help such as therapist, psychiatrist or other health specialists who know well about this disorder. But it will not be an easy work to treat bipolar disorder. It is because this disorder is actually a complex condition. So, diagnosis may be tricky. The treatment even can be more difficult. Working together with a professional is a good idea.

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