How to Deal with Major Depression Syndrome: Symptoms & Signs

Major depression syndrome is a bad mood and lasts for a certain period. Depression is a common thing for people who have personal life with pressure in the workplace and at home. Workplace is one of the places which can contribute occupational stress. Psychological or psychosocial hazard in the workplace is one of determinant factors which contribute towards stress syndrome. Organization climate, group norms, union relations and intergroup communication will lead depression syndrome in the workplace. The relationship between superior and subordinate or the relationship among the workers triggers the idea of depression as well.

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Major depression syndrome can be found not only in the workplace but also at home. Financial pressure would be one of the determinant factors leading syndrome of depression. Living cost getting higher and many things that must be paid daily, weekly or even annually. Pregnant women are the ones who are vulnerable getting depression syndrome. They get tons of stress symptoms and signs more often. Postpartum also leads stress and depression in women. Besides, their relationship with their husband may lead depression syndrome because of small things such as jealously and affection necessity.

What Kind of Symptoms and Warning Signs of Major Depression Syndrome?

People who are suffering from depression syndrome are sometimes easily recognized. It can be identified through the bodily change physically and mentally. This article outlines major depression syndrome through the symptoms, signs and types.

  1. Symptoms

At some point in your life, you may feel very sad or even down. This is one of earlier symptoms of depression. Here we mark several symptoms dealing with depressed people. Those symptoms can be described as follow:

  1. Loss of energy (fatigue/burnpoint). You’ve got such powerless body and it’s hard to move. You have no power even do such an easy job/activity.
  2. Feeling guilty. You may feel worthlessness almost every day and you tend to blame yourself that you are not deserved the better.
  3. Loss of concentration. Impaired concentration is caused by continuous fatigue.
  4. Insomnia or hypersomnia. Lack of sleeping is one of the major depression symptoms. The same as true with excessive sleeping. It is marked as depression symptoms.
  5. Loss of interest. Having no passion in daily activities. Besides, the depressed ones don’t even interest in doing their hobby, sex or social activity.
  6. Eating disorder. People who are suffering from depression symptoms usually have significant weight loss or weight gain.
  7. Warning signs

It has been known that people with major depression disorder brings a high risk of ending their lives (suicide). Someone who delivers suicidal thoughts must be taken very seriously. Here we outline warning signs of suicide with depression include:

  1. Usually they think or talk about ending their lives
  2. Creating comments about worthless, helpless, hopeless and careless.
  3. Showing unstable emotion. They’re sometimes sad or happy suddenly.
  4. How to deal with major depression symptoms?

If you meet or notice anybody with depression syndrome, carry him to a mental health center to get immediate major depression treatment by a professional. It aims at avoiding undesired performances or fatality of the patients.

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