Getting to Know What Can Lead To Stress

Stress is a body reaction to any threat and danger that you feel. When you feel threatened your body will react by releasing a lot of stress hormone including adrenaline and cortisol. The hormone of stress will make your body to react to emergency situation that you face. As the result, your heartbeat will be faster, muscle tightens, blood pressure will rise, breath quickens and your sense will be sharper. What Can Lead to Stress varies in factors. Each people will experience different events and thread that could lead to stress.

What Can Lead to Stress can be various based on the occupation of the people. The factors of stress experiencing by student and employee will be different. Besides occupation, the problems that could lead to stress are social problems. It is common for people to have intrapersonal problem with friends, family or colleague in their daily life. These kinds of problems will lead you to stress if the condition cause worry and involved your emotion.

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How intrapersonal conflict can lead to emotional stress is related to the relationship between people involved in the conflict. If there is a family relation in the relationship, the burden or grudge can be solved easier. The familial relationship still tied both of the people involved in the conflict make both of the people want to solve the conflict quicker because they are family. But if the people involved in the conflict are just friend or colleague, the conflict will be worse and take your concern to the problem if there is no concern from both of the part to solve the problems.

Another factor that could trigger stress is problems in work. Causes of stress in work vary; it can be from the deadline, job desk, schedule or colleague. If you have a busy and hectic work, it will easily trigger your stress. Moreover if your work deadline is due soon, you may need to finish it as soon as possible and you also have important meeting to handle you may be screwed up on how to handle all of those things. It leads to stress that force you to respond and acts to all of the problems.

The factors that cause stress for worker will be different from Causes of stress in students. Things to make students feel stress comes from their school. Student have a lot of pressure in school especially when the examination is due to soon and entrance test to go to higher education level also happened. These kinds of events trigger the symptoms of stress to be occurred in students that often cause pain and illness.

So, there are a lot of factors that can make someone feel stress. What Can Lead to Stress is usually related to their job and their daily activities. Stress is normal and common to happen in many people but it becomes troublesome and dangerous if the stress occur too often and you did not know how to relief from that continuous problems.

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