Getting to Know Bipolar Manic Depression Symptoms

Have you ever heard about Bipolar Manic Depression Symptoms? It is a symptom which is suffered from people who cannot control their emotions both happy and sad. We all know that every person has their ups and downs, but for people who have these symptoms, this will be worse. Many experts believe that when suffering this symptom, people will have bad performance in school, job, and even daily life. This depression can actually be helped and treated with some professional health treatment, but what you need to understand is what actually bipolar meaning and the Signs of bipolar.

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Bipolar Disorder Meaning

The meaning of bipolar in the phrase of Bipolar Manic Depression Symptoms is that bipolar means double. People who suffer from bipolar manic depression will have double moods. When they are happy, they will express their happiness too much. And when they are sad, they will express their sadness too much, too. Sometimes they are crying a lot, sleep only for two hours, and never remember them. When they are in the episodes of manic depression, they will quit their job impulsively, and often the will use their credit cards with huge amounts of money. But after that, they will feel upset and sleep for two hours in order to make themselves feel rested.

Common Signs of Bipolar Manic Depression Symptoms

There are several signs of manic depression or bipolar manic depression. Often, people suffering from Bipolar Manic Depression Symptoms will get involved to changeable mood swings, irritability, guilt, and restlessness feeling. Also, people with bipolar manic depression will gain weight easily, but they lose it easily, too. What is distinctive about this symptom is that they will speak and move slowly, but they will sleep a lot. Sometimes, they will also lose contact with their reality and very difficult to accept the reality. They will sometimes live in their own imagination and feel upset if the reality they are facing is different from what they have expected. Here are some easy to remember signs from bipolar disorder symptoms.

  1. Loss of energy or fatigue
  2. Feelings of worthlessness
  3. Feeling guilt
  4. Problems of sleep
  5. Thoughts of suicide and death
  6. Irritability
  7. Feeling sad, hopelessness, and empty
  8. Weight changes and appetite
  9. Not being able to experience happiness or pleasure
  10. Mental and physical sluggishness

Case of Bipolar Depression in Literature

There are so many myths about bipolar depression. And the facts have been unfolded by some writers. Jacqueline Wilson, a children literature writer, has written about manic depression mother. The mother who is suffering from bipolar manic depression cannot act as responsible mother. She is jobless, often wastes money from credit cards that she steals, and she has no job. When she is faced by certain reality, she feels that it is not true. But it happens because she cannot face the reality. She cannot act as a good mother because she has to deal with two moods. Sometimes, she is being kind with her daughters, but sometimes, she is being so rude with her daughters. Bipolar Manic Depression Symptoms can be treated finally, but it takes time around some weeks in a hospital.

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