Getting More Understanding about Main Symptoms of Depression

Sadness may lead to depression, but suffering from depression is not always feeling sad. There are some other symptoms that may also physical and social symptoms. The signs and symptoms of depression may only be a normal feeling when they last no more than two weeks. But if they last longer than two weeks, one with those signs and symptoms may suffer from depression. Everyone with depression has different main symptoms of depression that make them depressed. Let’s see “what are the signs of depressions” and how some patients dealt with them.

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Depression Signs and Symptoms and How the Real Man Experienced Them

  • Overwhelming Anxious, Sad or “Empty” Mood

One of the most common depression symptoms is feeling sad, especially when this feeling is constant in long duration. The sufferer may also feel apathetic or feel empty. Sometimes, anxious is also associated with depression, especially when someone seems to be in a great danger. Feeling anxiety is commonly unexplained. A patient says that his felt numbness without feeling happy and sad.

  • Hopeless or Pessimism

Someone with depression commonly can’t find a solution or way out. This means that there is no way to an improvement or better life. A patient says that he seemed to be in a tunnel and there was no way out. There was no light to follow to get rid of it.

  • Helplessness, Worthlessness or Guilt

Someone suffering from depression think that everything they do is a fault. A patient says that he felt worthlessness and he told himself that what he did was wrong and there was no possibility of succeeding.

  • Loss of Interest

One must have something that they love to do, but when they are depressed, they don’t find it interesting anymore. A patient says that he lost interest in everything without understanding why.

  • Fatigue, Decreased Energy, Being Slower

Slowness is another symptom of depression. Suffering from this illness, you will think, react and more slowly. A patient says that he lost motivation to do his stuff. He felt that he did not have energy to get things done.

  • Difficulty in Making Decisions, Remembering or Concentrating

Depression interferes the way you think, make decision, perform tasks, concentrate and remember things. A patient says that he failed to concentrate.

  • Inadequate Sleeping, Early Morning Sleep or Awakening

The next main symptoms of depression are sleep disturbances. A patient says that he couldn’t sleep and a good quality sleep at night seemed to be impossible.

  • Loss Appetite and or Body Weight

One with depression may be not interested to eat something or also may be overeat due to their frustration. A patient says that he lost his body weight because they did not eat at all.

  • Thought of Death or Suicide and or Suicide Attempts

Suffering from depression, you may commonly think about suicide. It seems to be the only way to get rid of this illness. A patient says that he could not stand the pain anymore and wanted to end it but he did not know how to do it.

  • Irritability or Restlessness

Depression makes one can’t relaxed and irritable. A patient says that he felt more frustrated, angrier and sadder.

If these main symptoms of depression happen to you or someone that you care about, immediately go or talk to doctor or any healthcare professionals such as psychiatrist or psychologist. Let them know what happen to as soon as possible diagnose if you or they are really depressed so that certain treatment can be taken soon before something worse happen.

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