Emotional Stress Response Can Be in Kind of Some Disorders

Stress condition is very familiar in psychology term. It first appeared in 1930s. Now, stress condition becomes popular. People in a city are the ones who are resistant to stress. It happens because of social condition that pushes them to be tough. If they are not tough enough to face the reality and problems, they will be stressful. Another cause is economical problem. In a city, there will be more money people can get. But, the difficulty is more. When they have little money but the price is getting higher, they will be stressful, too. Stress will be related to physical, mental, and Emotional Stress Response.

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What is actually Emotional Stress Response? It actually refers to the failure or consequences of human to respond properly to emotional threats, whether it is imagines or actual threats. There are some effect of emotional stress such as panic disorder, schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, etc. Let’s discuss some of them in order to know them better.

Panic Disorder

One Emotional Stress Response is panic disorder. It is also called as panic attack. This condition is kind of sudden episode of fear that is intense and it develops for no reason, no clear reasons. This condition will trigger some physical responses. It is of course dangerous since panic attack could be very frightening. When people are having this kind of attack, they will be panicky and they think that they have lost their controls. Moreover, they will have heart attack and some also feel they are dying. Panic is a common condition for people. For one or two times, it is okay to have panic attack. But if it happens for more than two times in a very long time and it happens for no reasons, then it will be classified as panic disorder.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Multiple personality disorder is also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. It is classified as Emotional Stress Response and it has the sign. The sign is that there presents one or two or more than two personalities’ state. That personality states will have power and control over someone’s feeling, behavior, and thinking. There is a condition when there is a ‘Switch’ condition that takes only in hours, minutes, even in seconds. This can cause some mental disorder such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and borderline personality disorder.


Schizophrenia syndrome or disorder also the Causes emotional stress. It is very strange, unbelievable, and sometimes abnormal. People with Schizophrenia disorder will have something to do with brain disorder. They will have difficulty in interpreting reality. They will do it abnormally. The form of Schizophrenia disorder will be like delusion, hallucination, and disorder behavior and thinking.

The word of Schizophrenia as the Emotional Stress Response refers to usual balance of thinking and emotion’s disruption. People with this kind of disorder cannot differentiate the reality and hallucinations. Often, it is difficult for them to accept reality and they are still living in their hallucination. It is very dangerous and classified as chronic condition. So, people with Schizophrenia need long term treatment to be healed.

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