Depression Symptoms in Teenagers, Factors and Effects

Depression can suffer everyone. Not only suffering adults, depression also can suffer adolescent. It firstly comes to the irritable or unhappy teenagers. Indeed, sometimes, they may feel unhappy when they can’t get something they want or when they lose something they love the most. Researches also show that there is one out of eight adolescents is with teen depression. This mental illness can be diagnosed when teens feel unhappiness and it lasts more than two weeks and is followed with some other depression symptoms in teenagers.

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Factors of Teen Depression

There are some reasons that lead teenagers to depression. Teens can feel anything, such as inadequacy and worthlessness. These feelings can come from their environment, including their family, peers, and schools. The feelings also can be caused by several factors, such as sexual orientation, social status, etc. At first, those factors can make teenagers stressed. When someone close to them, family and friends can’t help reduce the stress and it lasts longer than two weeks, there is a chance of suffering from teen depression.

Symptoms of Teen Depression

There are several depression signs teenagers that you can notice. Kids with depression may have a significant change in the way they think and in their behavior. One of the examples is when they prefer being isolated in their room. They come home and directly go to their bedroom, close the door and stay inside for hours. Additionally, another sign is that kids have excessive sleeping, lose appetite, and even do some criminals such as shoplifting.

The following are more detail signs and symptoms of teen depression.

  • Feeling pains
  • Finding it is difficult to concentrate and to take a decision
  • Feeling apathy
  • Having excessive guilt
  • Having irresponsible or rebellious behavior
  • Losing appetite
  • Losing memory
  • Showing more interest in dying and death
  • Feeling sad, anxious and hopeless
  • Inadequate sleeping
  • Taking alcohol or drugs
  • Showing its preference to be alone

Untreated Teen Depression

Finding kids with depression symptoms in teenagers, parents or friends should take the kids with depression to doctors or professionals, such as psychiatrist or psychologist. The professionals will make sure whether the kids have teen depression or not. This is important because they should immediately get rid of this mental illness. If not, there are some bad results causing by the untreated depression. There some problems in relation to emotion, behavior and health that may also give negative effect in their teenager’s life.

Complications are the result of untreated teen depression. Some depression symptoms in teenagers, when not treated well, may lead to some of these problems.

  • Abuse of alcohol and drugs. Parents should be aware with this problem because alcohol and drugs are around us and can be easily accessed, even by adolescents.
  • Academic problems. Some problems may happen in their school because kids with teen depression tend to have bad behaviors, such as rebellion and irresponsible. They also have difficulties to concentrate.
  • Family conflicts
  • Difficulties in having relationship
  • Being involved in juvenile justice system
  • Suicide

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