Depression in Adults: Symptoms and Treatment

Depression in adults is actually almost same with depression in children. But, the causes can be different. Depression is a mood disorder that anyone can have due to the ‘up and low’ feelings that occur in daily life. You may feel happy or sad in your life. But, when you feel sad, then it persists for longer time into few weeks and even months. If you have the feeling that cannot make you move to be better for longer times, then you may have symptoms of depression. Well, here are the general symptoms of depressions.

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General Symptoms of Depression

There are some general symptoms of depressions where some of them can be the symptoms of depression in adults. The symptoms are feelings of guilt (including hopelessness, helplessness, or worthlessness), feeling loss of interest (including loss of pleasure in the usual activities), feeling difficult in concentrating (including complaints of the poor memory), feeling insomnia including oversleeping, there are appetite changes where it can be gaining or losing weight, feeling fatigue as well as lack of energy, having thoughts of suicide (death) and having slow speech or slow movements.

When you have those symptoms, you may also find or feel other symptoms like physical complaints (digestive problems, headaches, and stomach aches), co-existing chronic illnesses or worsening of pain, irritability, agitation and anxiety. If those feelings including the symptoms above occur in weeks, then you need to think about depression in adults. You need to pick the right treatments then to recover your moods to be better and back to your normal life condition. This is important to do immediately with a help of professional.

Specific Symptoms of Depressions in Children and Adults

There are some specific symptoms of depression in adults as well as in children. They are dizziness, stomachache, headache, fatigue and insomnia. You may also feel weight loss (weight gain), social withdrawal and apathy. When you have depression in adults, you may also feel difficult in concentrating: you feel dropped in the school performance and you may have drug or alcohol abuse. When you have a feeling being isolated from both family and friends you also have the symptoms of depression.

Treatment for Depression in Adults

For the treatment of depression in adults, it is not so different with general treatments. There are medication and therapy that you can try to do. Antidepressant is the main medical treatment for depression in adults. Then, psychotherapy is also the main therapy that is effective. The result of the treatment can be more effective when both medication and therapy are performed together. You may need a help of professional here to know the right drug to take as well as the right therapy to do.

What you need to consider about depression in adults is when the depressed people have suicidal thoughts or when they have suicidal behavior. It can be in the severe depression. You need to call a doctor immediately before it is getting worse. Doctor or therapist may give the right treatment that can make the depressed people feel calm and relaxed.

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