Depression Counselor: What You Need to Know

Depression counselor can be said as mental health provider, mental health counselor, mental health specialist who specialize themselves in depression. But, although they are counseling depression, they may also counsel anxiety. Counselling for depression and anxiety can be provided by them. To do this job, of course they should be trained, educated and licensed. They should be in the high level of their skills, ability and empathy. They should be able to differentiate between clinical depression that comes from transient episode of feelings like sadness and from normal experience.

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So, to be depression counselor, it is not a short time process. You cannot be a counselor for depression just from reading books or get the counselling for depression training online. Well, books and online trainings may give you new experiences but get a certificate from the department or training center should not be ignored as you will get your license from the department you join. Patient will come to you because of the department where you get your license as well as your experience in handling depressed people.

It is not only about depression counselor salary that can motivate you but also helping each other, happiness seeing at the patients you care covered and others. Therefore, being depression counselor is more than just because you love the job but also your humanism sides who want to help other people to win their problems then back to their normal and happy life. The feelings when you see your patients covered are more than everything. You even cannot describe it. Besides, you get salary from this job. You may be interested in being counselor.

Depression counselor can be individual or group. They can work in the social service organization, large medical center, hospitals or others. Many of them also open private practice to get more income. Sure, to open private practice, they should be licensed as professional counselor. Long experience may become the reason patient will come to them. So, if you want to be a counselor for depression, you need more practices, work together in the community and others to build your name and career.

Depression counselor must be able to diagnose the patient to recognize the type of depression as well as the severity of depression. Therefore, they can give the right treatment for the patients either from medications or therapy. There may be some tests like behavior scales that they give to the patients to diagnose. The common assessment used by them is called with Depression Anxiety Stress Scales. They must know the symptoms or early signs of depression so the patient can get the right treatment before it are getting worse.

It is not easy to be depression counselor. The job is not easy as you may assess and individual to know personally so if there is a risk for suicide, you can take the right prevention. Then, you will recover him or her to find a happy life and be normal people like others. This can be hard but it is a noble job as you will help and save the life of the depressed people.

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