Consequences of Stress Management and Symptoms of Stress

We must manage and handle our stress so that our stress will not make us feel worse, won’t reduce our health and happiness. Since stress is even able to make some changes in our body and affect our emotions, we need to know how to manage our stress and understand the consequences of stress management. We must understand the stress’s symptoms first so we will understand how to prevent being stressed and avoid getting negative effects of stress.

The stress’s symptoms are including fast heartbeat, headache, tight shoulders and/or stiff neck, fast breathing, back pain, sweaty palms and sweating, nausea, diarrhea, or upset stomach. If you see these physical symptoms happening on you right now, you must take prevention acts so that your stress won’t get worse and you won’t get the impact of stress. If you don’t do anything to prevent or reduce the stress, you will get some consequences of stress management like immune system that’s getting weaker and weaker over time.

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The Effects and Consequences of Stress Management

The immune system is the first part of our body that will be attacked by stress. If you don’t handle your stress, it will weaken your immune system and as result you’ll get sick easily and more often. If you’re a sufferer of serious illness like diabetes or AIDS or heart disease, stress will worsen your illness symptoms. If you want to live longer, manage your stress and get the positive consequences of stress management. Besides the immune system, stress will also affect our heart.

Stress will be linked to arrhythmia or abnormal heartbeat, high blood pressure, blood clots, also atherosclerosis or the arteries hardening. Besides, stress is also connected to heart failure, heart attack, and disease of coronary artery. To keep your heart healthy and live happily, you must know how to manage your stress and gain the consequences of stress management instead of letting your stress getting worse and kill you slowly or suddenly.

By getting the positive consequences of stress management, you will avoid stress to affect your emotions and thoughts also. If you feel cranky or you believe you can’t deal with problems, even the smallest one, you’re about to experience stress. Also when you start yelling to the others without any clear reason or you start losing your temper oftentimes or you feel frustrated, you’re being stressed. You must handle these feelings soon or your stress will be worse.

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