Clinical Depression Signs and Symptoms and How to Diagnose and Treat

Depression is a normal feeling, but on the other hand, it can be dangerous. Everyone sometimes feels lonely, sad or depressed. It is a normal reaction to injured self esteem, life’s struggles and loss. It becomes abnormal when the feeling becomes overwhelming. When the feeling involves physical symptoms and lasts long, it requires medical help. There are some clinical depression signs and symptoms that you need to be aware of. Sometimes, the symptoms are also linked to the possibility of suicide.

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Symptoms of Depression

The following are some major depression signs and symptoms according to National Institute of Mental Health. You may ask “Is fatigue a symptom of depression?” and you will find here.

  • Difficulty in concentrating, making decisions and remembering details.
  • Fatigue and energy decreasing.
  • Some disturbing feelings such as guilt, helpless, worthless, hopeless and pessimism.
  • Abnormal sleeping with insomnia, too early wake up or excessive sleeping.
  • Irritability and restlessness.
  • Loss of interest in doing things including hobbies and sex.
  • Loss appetite or overeating.
  • Persistent health problems that can’t be overcome even with certain treatment, such as headaches, aches, pains, digestive problems and cramps.
  • Persistent empty feelings, anxious or sad.
  • Suicide attempts or only thoughts of suicide.

Be aware also with the fact that there is one in every 33 children has depression. It is also important to see the clinical depression signs and symptoms in teens. Although the statistic is lower than the depression happens in adolescent, one in every 8 adolescents, paying attention to the feeling of teens is important. Unhappy feeling is also common for children and teens. However, when this feeling lasts for over two weeks followed with other clinical depression symptoms, teens may suffer from depression.

How Depression Is Diagnosed

Commonly, depression is diagnosed by doctors. They will examine through history and the physical condition of the sufferer. Many things can cause depression. They can be caused by illnesses, medicines and viruses. The examination helps the doctors to find out when the symptoms started and how severe they are. The more important factors of depression are family history and mental illnesses. Indeed, there is no depression test to diagnose the symptoms of depression, but there are some features that help the doctor diagnose the depression.

How Symptoms of Depression Are Treated

After clinical depression signs and symptoms are found, doctors will give you initial treatment. The treatment refers to mental health professional such as psychiatrist or psychologist to get deeper evaluation and treatment. This specialist of mental health will next determine the best treatment for you to get rid of the depression. There are some types of treatment, i.e. medicines, psychotherapy and the combination of both of them.

Immediate treatment is required to avoid further problems of mental depression. The more frightening fact is that depression can lead to suicide. There are also some warning signs of suicide with depression. The easiest way to find out whether someone is in danger and close to suicide is when one suddenly switches their feeling from calm to very sad or very happy. Another sign is that the sufferer always talks and thinks about death.

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