Best Mild Depression Treatment You Must Try

Mild depression treatment should be performed rightly. Before talking about the cause and treatment, you need to know first what is called by mild depression. This is a mood disorder that affects about 15% of American people. It is actually a feeling of anger, sadness or even frustration. Unhappy feelings, in the normal condition may occur several hours or days. Here, those feelings persist for few weeks or months. Sure, those feelings will interfere with the daily life of the sufferer of mild depression. Sure, the sufferer needs a help for mild depression.

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Cause of Mild Depression

You may ask what the mild depression causes are. Well, it can be varying. Stressful experience, chronic illness or pain or others can have mild depression. Older people may also experience it especially for them who are isolated socially. In this case, women have higher risk to have mild depression than men. Genetic predisposition as well as levels of the mood chemicals just like serotonin can be a cause. Any causes of this mood disorder, it needs the right treatments. Here is some of the best mild depression treatment that you must try.

Treatment for Mild Depression

There are some mild depression treatment options that you can try. You can start with physical activity. Based on the scientific evidence, physical activities or exercise can provide genuine therapeutic effects. It has been researched that depressed patients feel better after they do mild depression treatment in the way of physical activities like swimming, biking, walking, running, etc. There are good improvements in reducing the symptoms of the mild depression beside it builds more positive feelings and happy moods to get relaxed and relieved from stressful mind.

Second option of mild depression treatment is called with SAM-E added with B vitamins. SAM-e or S-adenosyl-L-methionine, is an OTC option that is very popular now. This medicine can raise the brain levels of the norepinephrine, dopamine and neurotransmitters. This drug can be more effective when it is added with Vitamin B12 about 1 mg daily and also with folate about 800 mcg. The dose of SAM-e starts from 400 mg up to 1, 600 mg. When this drug is combined with antidepressant, it shows good effect. Sure, before combining it with others, you must ask a doctor first.

Third mild depression treatment is St. John’s Wort. This herb or called with Hypericum Perforatum can act like standard antidepressant for mild depression even to moderate depression. This herb can work best when it is not combined with other drugs. It means patient who take this herb is better not to take other drugs. The dose of this herb that is recommended is from 900 up to 1, 500 mg daily. If you want to take non-medical treatment, then you can try this herb as natural supplement.

Fourth mild depression treatment is diet. Healthy foods and omega 3s are the good choice to reduce the depression. Western diet which has processed meats and also refined carbs can play a role in increasing a depression as it has higher rate of depression. A diet with rich produce as well as whole grains has lower odds. Seafood also can provide protective benefits. Besides that, there are also other treatments you can try like mindfulness practices, light therapy, antidepressants, cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.

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