Be Careful with Some Damaging Effects of Stress

Maybe, you are familiar with the word stress. Stress is a condition in which your body responses to threat and demand. Stress can be experienced by anyone from people who are having low economical conditions to people who have a lot of money. Indeed, that condition will lead to Damaging effects of Stress. Who wants to be stressful? No one. It happens because stress can affect negative effects of stress on the body. The negative effects of body can be classified to three types. The first is physical effect, the second one is mental effect and the last one is emotional effect.

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Physical Damaging Effects of Stress

Physical effects of stress can be various. One example is weight loss. When people in stress, they are sometimes feeling reluctant to eat. What they think is only their problems. Even, delicious food cannot trigger their appetite. That’s why they can be thinner and sometimes it is worse than that. The face or the body does not look fresh. Damaging effects of Stress in physical appearance about losing weight can be caused by the difficulty of sleeping.

Insomnia is the other effect. You might hear this word often. Insomnia is the condition where people are difficult to sleep. Often, people experience that condition because they have too many burdens. They think and rethink about their burdens. Unconsciously, they are not actually sleeping. They might close their eyes, but actually they are not sleeping. Damaging effects of Stress in physical are also in the matter of diseases. When someone lacks of eating, sleeping, and resting, there will be change in their body’s function. For example, they will suffer from heart attack, blood pressure, and hypertension.

Mental Damaging Effects of Stress

Damaging effects of Stress can be in the form of mental condition. Just imagine, when someone has burden in his or her office, they will not perform well. Then, they will feel guilty for what they have done to their job or their performances. Even a little, very little mistake can be perceived as a sin for stressful people. People who are in stress will also have bad, very bad, mood often, even too often. It happens since their thoughts are not fresh and clear and it makes them difficult to get attracted in cheerful situation.

Stress’ damaging effects for body can make them feel ungrateful, too. They sometimes behave badly to people who have helped them. They smile rarely, they laugh rarely, and they always feel that they have nothing to do and rely on. Even, people who are stress do not have any interest to go to Mosque, Church, and other religious places to pray.

Damaging effects of Stress can influence people around them, too. For example there is a father who is very stressful; he might have problems in his office with some colleagues. After coming at home, he feels those problems. Unconsciously, he will have bad mood in any condition at home. He often blames his wife for what she has done that actually it is not wrong. His children also get affected by him. One example is that sometimes he can ignore his children that need his attention.

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