Alternative Treatment for Depression That Work Effectively

Alternative treatment for depression is also an effective solution to treat depressed people. Well, medications are also effective but they may have some side effects where if they are not taken in the right dose, it can be worse. Usually, medications and natural treatment for depression are also partnered to make most effective results. However, if you want to avoid medications and change to natural treatments as they have no side effects, then it is a good choice. There are some treatments you can try as follow.

First of alternative treatment for depression is exercise. Exercise is one of the best solutions for depressed people to get relaxed and free from stress. They can have fun with exercise they like. It has been researched that exercise can be partnered with medication to get most effective result. Even, without medication, by couple weeks or months, by this natural remedy for depression, you can feel relieved and relaxed. You can find your motivation and enthusiasm. Exercise can be swimming, biking, running, walking or others.

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Second of alternative treatment for depression is light therapy. Here, you will sit in front of a brightly lit box. It mimics an outdoor light. To start this therapy, you can sit in front of the light during 15 minutes. It will increase for the next day up to 2 hours in a day. The time you need for the therapy depending on the severity of the symptoms of depression. You can get advices about this therapy from health specialist. Well, this therapy may not be a cure for depression but it can relaxingly ease the symptoms.

Third of natural solutions for depression is acupuncture. Alternative therapies like acupuncture may not relieve the depression. However, many professional suggest the patient do this therapy. A study proves that depressed women who try this alternative treatment for depression, 64% of them feel better than other women that don’t take acupuncture therapy. Another study also shows positive result for patients with major depressive disorder. After they take antidepressant and they have acupuncture therapy, they feel much better.

Fourth idea of the alternative treatment for depression is eat healthy. The right diet can also reduce the symptoms of depression. A study also gives evidence that unhealthy diet is associated with higher rate of the symptoms of depression. Healthy foods plus omega-3, you can get it from tuna or salmon, and folic acid that you can get from avocado or spinach, can ease the depression. You can start your healthy diet from now. Healthy diet can give more benefits to your health either physically or mentally.

Fifth way of alternative treatment for depression is with CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This therapy is called with a sophisticated education for depressed people. At the fact, it is thoughts that trigger feelings and make depression disorder. When you can understand your thought as well as learn to change the destructive pattern, it can make your brain works clearly and positively as well as your reaction to the situation.

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