5 Newest Anti Anxiety Medications Under a Development

There are 5 newest anti anxiety medications that are under a development. These medications are hoped to be finished soon remembering there are about 40 million Americans who are suffering anxiety disorders. Many of them have the anxiety level in so bad condition where they cannot work, sleep, talk, eat or others. They have taken common anti anxiety medications that are suggested by doctors or other health specialists. In 2015, there are newest medications for anxiety sufferers that are still in the developments. They are as following.

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First of the newest anti anxiety medications is called with Aloradine (PH94B). In 2015, this drug was in Phase III. Since 2013, it has been in the clinical trials. It is considered as the treatment for social anxiety symptoms in women. The company behind this product is Pherin Pharmaceuticals. They are still developing this drug before it is ready in the market. The drug will have a format as a ‘nasal spray’. It seems it will become one of the best anti anxiety meds as it is promising. You can look further information about this drug.

Second of the newest anti anxiety medications is called with B-GOS. This product is prebiotic. It can improve the health of the anxiety sufferers by stimulating the high production of beneficial bacteria that is in the colon. This medicine is developed from the thought that bacteria play a role in determining and developing a mental illness that can make people experience anxiety. Besides that, there is evidence that demonstrate in the most anxiety medications like antidepressants also have some detrimental effects to the bacteria.

Third of the newest anti anxiety medications is IW-2143 (BNC210). This drug is also still under clinical trials. Unfortunately, there is no further information about the mechanism of this drug in reducing the symptoms of anxiety. It has been demonstrated to the animal subjects and also it is still in Phase I of clinical trials. This can be said as the best anti anxiety medication as it will not make the anxiety sufferers addictive to this medicine. It will not make them feel sedated. In the early stage of the clinical trials, there is no major side effect.

Fourth of the newest anti anxiety medications is called with S32212. This drug is a substance. It is still under investigation. This medicine has been said has effects of antidepressant, anti-obsessional, anxiolytic and also anti aggressive behaviors. Besides that, it can enhance sleep as well as cognition in the animal subjects without any effects or signs of a weight fluctuation. That is based on a note of researchers. Some also say it can lose weight as it effect of ‘alpha blocking’.

The last of the newest anti anxiety medications is called with SL-651, 498. This drug has been developed in the scientific research for a long time. But, until 2006, it was not considered for treating human. In 2008, a report said that it has been in human trials. It was considered to be effective in reducing the symptoms of anxiety just like Ativan. This can be an effective treatment.

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