Physical, Mental, and Habitual Serious Effects of Stress

Stress is something serious. Usually, stress is suffered by most urban people. This is happening because there are so many burdens and pressures that are experienced more by people who are living in a city rather than in a village. Society now becomes unfriendly and some tasks require people to be very healthy. Sometimes, what causes stress are economical problems, social problem, or physical problem, but there are some stressful people experience stresses because of mental burden. Actually there are three Serious Effects of Stress, they are in physical, psychological, and habitual effects.

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Impacts of Stress Physically, Mentally, and Habitually

Don’t you know that actually there is physical Serious Effects of Stress? The most distinguished effect is that there is a change in physic or in an organ from human’s body. These effects can be seen from these symptoms:

  1. Metabolism’s change
  2. Heavier breath
  3. Migraine or headache that has no reasons
  4. high blood pressure
  5. Heart attack
  6. Insomnia

Many people get headache often because of stress. Stress can trigger headache and it sometimes coming with stiff neck. It happens because reaction from stress can trigger heart to contract more than usual. And it of course can increase blood pressure. When people have stress, heart will work harder to pump the blood. When it works harder, it means that the blood pressure will get higher, too. That’s why the risk of having heart attack is much bigger.

Insomnia is another impact of stress on health. Sleeping is one way to avoid stress. By sleeping, people can fix the body’s metabolism and there is a process in which poison in the body are thrown away. But this thing cannot be experienced by people who are in stress condition stressful people will not have good sleep since their mind is not in there. They think about many things and sometimes they feel afraid of facing a new day. Insomnia can trigger hypertension, heart’s attack, and other health problems.

Serious effects of stress on health physically are not the only one problem. There are also mental Serious Effects of Stress                . Mental effects that are experienced by people who are in stress are the feeling of blaming themselves. It happens because when they are stressful, their mind cannot work well, so they can easily blame their self or even they blame others for no reasons. Another mental effect on stress is being afraid of something that is not clear. It means that sometimes stressful people feel afraid that there will be something bad happened to them. It is caused by bad mind or bad thought they have. It is also the effect of not having good sleep.

Other Serious Effects of Stress are difficulty in concentration, bad mood which happens too often, losing interest to do activities. So, there will be the other effects on stress such as habitual effect. When people are in stress, there must be changes in their habits. For example, their performance in work or school will decrease, the productivity of working will decrease, consumption that changes not like usual, and hopelessness. Even, people with stress condition will have different ways of speaking. Daydreaming is also the other habitual effects from stress.

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