Emotional Depression: What Emotional Changes in Depression

Emotional depression can be said as emotional disorder or mood disorder. Depression is actually emotional disorder. You cannot control your feelings especially feelings of sadness, emptiness, helpless or hopeless and others. Based on the health articles on depression, you may find some facts about depression that can turn into the reason why a person decides to suicide when he or she is in the severe condition. At this condition, asking a professional help is a must to recover the patient’s feelings to be normal to find their happy life.

People with emotional depression also have significant changes in the moods or emotions. There are many symptoms here like feeling sad, worthless, hopeless, and pessimistic and others. The emotional effects can influence the life of the depressed people. It makes them cannot do their daily activities even they have problems in sleeping. When the patients think about suicide or have suicidal behavior, then it is one of the emotional symptoms of depression in severer condition. In this case, they need an immediate help from professional.

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Mood Changes

Patients who have emotional depression will feel helpless and hopeless. This is even when the real life of the patient is in advantageous condition. It is because of the depression that prevents him from the good or positive moods. Besides that, the patient will feel worthless. It means he has self-hate. It makes him feels like he doesn’t have a worth living. His life is not worth it. Inappropriate guilt feeling can be felt by depressed people. Well, there are so many mood changes during the symptoms of depression. You can say depressed people have low moods.


People with emotional depression also have irritability. This is an emotional effect that comes from depression. They can be more agitated or irritated. It means they will have a drastic change in their emotion. It is like continuous sadness that persists for long time. Here, the patient may feel restless and being easily annoyed. In this condition, medication and therapy can be performed. Long term emotional depression treatment is also a good choice as the patient needs to be recovered step by step to build his moods better.


When the feelings of hopeless, worthless and irritability escalate, then people with emotional depression can develop into severe condition where suicidal thoughts or suicidal behavior will be seen from the patients speaking or behavior. In this condition, there is no other way except call a doctor or health specialist including therapist to treat the patient rightly. Indeed, this severe condition can be dangerous for the life of the patient.

Well, there are other symptoms of emotional depression that the patients may have. The emotional changes are the symptoms of people with depression. Medication and therapy should be well performed together to get most effective result. Therapy may need weeks or months so the patient can back to their normal life and find happiness. Know more about early signs and symptoms to prevent the severe depression. If you or your loved one has the signs or symptoms, then get treated immediately.

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